Apple Maps horse-shittery from Business Insider

Anonymous writes in with a rant:
The horse-shittery of this article is astounding. Apple has a bad track record with software lately? The fuck? Siri was released in a test mode, Apple TOLD US THAT out loud for shit’s sake.

iMessage – no it’s not perfect but it’s damned impressive and nobody else has tech that can touch it. When iMessage fails, it reverts to text message and works fine. How many times has Blackberry Messenger (BBM) taken a shit? Don’t get me started on what happens when a Moose takes a dump on one of RIM’s pipes and everyone’s mother fucking electronic toast stops working entirely!

iCloud?! iCloud isn’t broken! Fuck you. We want it to do more, but it works just fucking fine.

iTunes Match – it works perfectly, RTFM before you get pissed off at Apple that you deleted all the music on your phone because your cable modem hadn’t uploaded all your Justin Bieber bootlegs to the cloud yet.

Here’s the skid mark on this fuck-stained shirt of an article:

“Not to mention the fact that most of the pre-loaded applications on the iPhone suck compared to what independent developers make.”

Is the writer serious?

Name me a better mobile web browser on ANY mobile platform than Safari on iOS. Or Mail. Or Music (iPod). Or Contacts. Or YouTube. Or weather for that matter! What an asshat.

Wait, what was the point of the whole article? Oh right, a maps application. Trust me, even if Apple’s maps can’t even find 1 Infinite Loop, people will not dump the iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus S II 4G LTE AC/DC MP3 THX shut the fuck up.

I hate people who write outside of their box of comprehension. I’ll be right back, I’m gonna bust a 40 of Old English over a curb and cut a bitch with it.

Apple Maps – Business Insider

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