Why I love the Nikon D3s

Just got a Nikon D3s (sadly, not to keep but a rental to shoot WWDC). I know there are now “better” cameras out there but the rental price was good (considering it’s about $5k+ worth of body and lens) and I’ve used this rig often enough to be comfortable with it. But I especially love it for the images I’m able to get.

This was shot from 60ft away…from inside a restaurant…at night. The basket was hanging from a lamppost.

Even more amazing, the D3s has a usable ISO of 12,800 – that’s insanely low light and makes shots in dark bars and clubs a snap:

The two handsome gentleman above, Mike and Darby respectively, were both shot at ISO 12,800 in a nightclub in San Francisco.


4 thoughts on “Why I love the Nikon D3s”

    1. If you can use that kind of ISO and *don’t* ever need to shoot video, the D3s is just as capable as the new NIkon D4 – and a LOT cheaper. 🙂

  1. The bokeh pic is nice. Hope you get a chance to shoot some nice shots at the Beard’s party as well!

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