WWDC pilgrimage to the the Buena Vista

Whenever I’m in San Francisco, one of my favorite things to do is to take a Cable Car ride. Hop on at the Powell Street “turnaround” and ride it all the way to the other end. Your reward is a fun ride and, at the Buena Vista Cafe, you’ll find the place where Irish Coffee was first made in the US. I usually stay away from “touristy” type things like this but the cafe is lovely, the food is good and the Irish Coffee is sublime.

WWDC pilgrimage to the the Buena Vista

3 thoughts on “WWDC pilgrimage to the the Buena Vista”

    1. Love Scoma’s but because they don’t take reservations, it can be a real PITA to eat there. I’ll have to look up/check out the other two. Thanks!

      1. The BV is San Franciscanese for the Buena Vista. The Molinari has great sandwiches and their famous dry sausages. Bonus: Jack Kerouac’s haunt, the Vesuvio, is right down the street. Great dive bar and people watching.

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