Aaron Sorkin on The Newsroom, Sorkinism, and Sounding Smart

Except for The Social Network (which I have no interest in), I’ve loved everything Sorkin has done. This is an interesting interview if only to see his neurotic side in full force.


On June 24, HBO will air the debut of The Newsroom, the first cable series from Aaron Sorkin, the Oscar- and Emmy-winning creator of The West Wing and writer of The Social Network. The show is not just a return to television but a series about television — in particular, television news and its squandered powers.

As we watch, the anchorman at its center, Will McAvoy (Jeff ­Daniels), has a kind of political awakening, shedding his status as “the Jay Leno of news anchors” and reinventing himself as an iconoclastic, Network-style truth-teller, and discovering that, like most great Sorkin characters, he has an awful lot to say—about the shortcomings of journalism, about the inanities of political discourse on both the left and the right, and about the compromises that can make television so ­infuriating. The man who puts the words into Will’s mouth has some thoughts on those matters as well.

Aaron Sorkin on The Newsroom, Sorkinism, and Sounding Smart

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