Why McDonalds' Burgers look so different in Ads

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Ever wonder why your McDonald’s cheeseburger looks flatter, sadder, and uglier than the juicy delicacy you’ve seen advertised on TV? A customer asked McDonald’s Canada about the discrepancy, and the company graciously revealed how they prep their food for TV in a video posted on its website.

Gracious indeed. A quick look at a little thought of kind of photography.

Why McDonalds’ burgers look so different in Ads

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  1. Good video, but that’s a small part of what happens in food photography prep. Years ago, Step-By-Step Graphics magazine did a great article about the process of not only cooking and dressing a dish of food (and its backups and lighting doubles) for a shoot, but enhancing and preserving it for several hours under hot lights. Among the substances used to keep the “hero” food looking moist and fresh was spray-on glycerine.

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