Nick Bilton doubles down on The Stupid and makes it worse

As I said on Twitter a couple of days ago:

It was in reference to Biltons claim in an article where he said:

Apple doesn’t seem to want the iPad to be a creator, but more of a consumer.

That’s patently wrong. And, because he’s not just some Joe Schmoe but one of the Technology Gurus at the New York Times, he should know better. So I felt rightly justified for calling the line, and by extension, Bilton himself, stupid.

Well, it looks like Bilton took offense. But, in taking offense, he makes things worse.

In an article “When Apple Fanboys Attack”, Bilton gets his knickers in a twist because of, as he describes it, “I said something slightly negative about an Apple product.”

No, Nick. You said something that only the worse of the worse uneducated, ill-informed and, yes stupid, pundits say about the iPad. It wasn’t true on Day 1, it’s not true now. The iPad has dozens of apps, from Apple and others, that show the device is as much of a creator as any other tablet and, for many, as useful as a laptop.

So, when you say something demonstrably stupid, take your lumps. Responding by accusing us who correct you of being fanboys makes you, your argument and your newspaper look even worse.

Case in point – Bilton says:

And here I was, thinking that the days of calling people names on the Internet was a thing of the past.

Seriously, Bilton? Can you even spell hypocrite?

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