Breastaurants are PG-13? Are you high?!

Huffington Post:

Tilted Kilt CEO Rod Lynch, bristles at the “breastaurant” moniker. He says the word implies that the company’s success is based purely on sex appeal.

“We want to be very PG-13,” he says. Its motto is “class in all things”.

Let’s be clear – I like breasts as much as any red blooded heterosexual male. But anyone who says these “breastaurants” cater to anything other than our desire to see scantily clad, attractive young women prance around showing as much skin as the law allows is either lying or stupid. And if it’s the CEO of the company saying it, he’s both.

I’ve been to plenty of Hooters restaurants and most people will agree – their food is average at best and awful at worst. In Dallas during the summer, they actually put bags of ice in your beer to “keep it cold”. WTF!?

Male or female, the only reason to go to a breastaurant is to see pretty girls, lots of cleavage and tightly wrapped asses. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t try to spin it as anything but commercialized sexism.

Breastaurants experiencing a Mini-Boom

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