Not surprisingly, Henry Blodget completely misses the point…

If you are paying any attention to Twitter at all this morning, you may have seen this story:

In Rush to be First, CNN, FOX, Huffington Post and TIME get Supreme Court Story exactly Wrong

pop up. It’s a huge embarrassment for those organizations and a stinging indictment of Internet Journalism’s (seeming) mantra of “Get it first, get it right later”.

Henry Blodget of BusinessInsider posted this on Twitter:

Sorry Henry – you’re dead wrong on this.

We rely on the media to give us good, accurate, timely information. This is especially true with the speed of data today. This is a huge, important story. But rather than treating it with the gravitas it deserves, CNN, FOX, Huffington Post and TIME (among others) felt the need to get the “scoop” (on a story everyone was covering) and post without regard to accuracy or fact checking.

Maybe it was a mistake by an intern or a producer (unlikely given it would mean four of them made the same mistake at the same time). Blodget says, “Someone will probably get fired”. Perhaps at least four someones. But while this may be a “simple” mistake, it’s indicative of a much larger, more insidious problem.

So for Blodget to whine that Twitter should just “get over it” shows he doesn’t understand the problem. And, as BusinessInsider has shown many times in the past, they are actually part of the problem. So it’s unsurprising Blodget can’t see the forest for the trees on this one.

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