Touchpoints Matter

Brain’s on Fire:

Evelina Children’s Hospital was the first new children’s hospital to be built in London in more than a century. The hospital was designed with a goal of “making a hospital that didn’t feel like a hospital.”

As part of their contract, Evelina requires that hospital window washers dress up as superheroes while cleaning the hospital windows.

What a great story but, first children’s hospital in a century? As my roommate asked, “How dark and dreary must their hospitals be? I bet they are awful for sick children.” Thanks to Jared Earle for the link.

2 thoughts on “Touchpoints Matter”

  1. Evalina’s Children’s hospital is the first purpose built childrens hospital in a century.

    There have been near 40 new hospital builds in the last 30 years, all of which have dedicated children’s units.

    Slight difference.

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