The Greatest Show on Earth

I love motorcycles. I love riding motorcycles. I love the people who ride motorcycles. But if you ride a motorcycle, you are doing one of the most dangerous things you can do – you take your life in your hands every time you swing a leg over. So to do it, you kinda have to be a little not right in the head.

But there’s a group of riders who can only be described as “bat shit crazy”. Professional MotoGP racers? Nope – the guys who do the Isle of Man TT race each year.


The Isle of Man TT is an extremely dangerous motorcycle race that goes through narrow streets, past residential areas, and around mountains on a 38-mile circuit.

Last year, three riders were killed during the event, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that the nutjobs who actually go up to 206 miles per hour on the track are some of the most badass men on the planet. Check out highlights from this year’s race, called the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

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