It's not really that hard to punk the Apple press (or your readers, Elmer FUD)

Philip Elmer-(FUD)-DeWitt tells us “It’s not really that hard to punk the Apple press”. Really Elmer FUD? Do tell us…

He says:

The history of the press is littered with hoaxes that were cleverer and more widespread than this one. A sampling…”

Oh, this should be good. Elmer FUD will now list a series of examples where the Appe press has been led astray by merry pranksters…..Yeah…not quite.

His “samples”? “Alan Abel hired an actor to pose as Deep Throat at a New York press conference.” No Apple angle.

“Joey Skaggs got several major newspapers and legal journals to write stories about Solomon, a computer program that would take the uncertainty out of jury trials.” No Apple angle.

Geraldo Rivera’s Al Capone vault opening. No Apple angle.

So while the guys at Day4 may have been punking the Apple media, Elmer FUD is using misleading headlines, as is the right of all New Media Douchebags like him, to punk his own readership. Which is worse?

2 thoughts on “It's not really that hard to punk the Apple press (or your readers, Elmer FUD)”

  1. The usual apple press fell for the Day4 hoax, they did exactly what Day4 wanted to prove.

    That the usual Apple press are fucking morons.

    You sniffed that something was wrong.

    I didn’t because as a trained, and experienced engineer I saw that there was something wrong.

    Have the usuals published mia culpa’s yet?

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