More Pedophilia Panic

Here’s some follow up to the story from yesterday of “Some Airlines think all Male Passengers are Pedophiles” – it gets worse.

The Week confusingly titles their piece “Barring single men from sitting next to kids on planes”. I assume when they say “single men”, they don’t mean unmarried. They must mean men traveling alone.

But what really pisses me off are the quotes from Qantas and Cynthia Dermody at The Stir. Qantas confirmed the policy and said it “reflects parents’ concerns and the need to maximize the child’s safety and well-being.” Dermody said, “As a parent, I think this policy is an excellent one for protecting kids.”

So they are claiming this policy is in place to protect kids? OK. Fair enough. I have a better policy – DON’T PUT CHILDREN ON PLANES BY THEMSELVES. PROBLEM SOLVED. Why are these parents allowed to pass on their child’s safety to a subset of complete strangers (the employees of the airline) assuming those people aren’t pedophiles yet the airline assumes that a subset of their customers are? And, given that assumption, why the fuck would you have them as customers!?

Why stop there? Why not bar all black men from sitting next to rich white women because they MIGHT steal their jewelry? Or banning all women from sitting next to teenaged boys because they MIGHT have sex with them?

If all men are a danger to children on Qantas, Virgin or British Airways, why not ban them from the gate if children are present? After all, “it’s for the child’s safety”.

Look, I get that some men are despicable animals. Some men should be locked up and the key thrown away. But presupposing that because some men do something, all men are suspect is an offensive and frightening step down a very slippery slope.

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    1. I wouldn’t want you to agree with me on everything and thanks. This issue has really pissed me off.

      And, BTW, it’s not, as some have tried to comment, because “I feel guilty” or that “I must be a pedophile” myself. It’s because making assumptions/generalizations about people will almost always lead you down the wrong path.

  1. I agree with most of it. But then you do the same thing by suggesting banning all children assuming all of their parents are idiots. Each parent sending a child alone on a flight should be asked “Do you believe that men travelling alone should not be seated next to children travelling alone?” If they answer yes, then the child is not allowed to fly alone.

    1. I dont think I suggested banning children from flying. If I did, I didn’t mean to. I did say children shouldn’t fly unaccompanied. Having had to do that with my little sister when we were less than eight years old, I know how terrifying it can be. I still remember throwing up (on my little sister!) on that flight.

      1. You’re right – I didn’t clarify. I meant to say more enlightened parents that don’t think every unmarried man is a pedophile should still be allowed to send the children on a flight. For the ignorant, then they should keep their kids with them instead of creating a burden on other passengers by making them sit elsewhere.

        As for airline employees – I couldn’t care less about the increased responsibility, they’re being paid to escort the children. I wouldn’t object to an extra fee to compensate.

        Your experience aside, I’ve known several people that travelled alone when they were children – all successfully.

        1. “I’ve known several people that travelled alone when they were children – all successfully.”

          Oh, it was successful…I just puked. 🙂

          But yeah – the odds of anything happening to an unaccompanied child while flying are incredibly small. I’d be willing to bet there’s a greater chance of something happening to the child right at home due to exposure to adults at their daycare, elementary school, relatives, etc. Those are much more likely than some random male on a plane. If parents believe their child is in danger flying alone – DON’T LET YOUR CHILD FLY ALONE. Seems pretty much common sense to me.

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