Book on Bin Laden Killing contradicts U.S. (I DON'T CARE)

The New York Times:

The new book’s account, if true, raises the question of whether Bin Laden posed a clear threat in his death throes.


I’m as liberal as they come and more than happy to call out our governments when they do something illegal, immoral or unethical but in this case, I have no problem with the actions the SEALs took however it happened.

I don’t care if they came across Osama bin Laden sitting in a La-Z-Boy recliner, sipping lemonade, watching soccer and eating a peanut butter sandwich – DOUBLE TAP HIS ASS. And then, for good measure? Unload your clip into his still twitching body.

If the SEALs had captured bin Laden alive, there would have been a trial, a conviction and an execution – but it would have dragged on for at least ten years. The end result would have been the exact same as described in the book. So we saved ourselves all that time, money and hassle.

I rarely feel this way but in this case, I’m completely OK that the SEALs killed a “defenseless” man. After all, how many defenseless people did bin Laden’s actions kill?

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