If you're a Prostitute, don't be surprised when…

You read the above and think, “That’s awful!” Then, as you should, you go read the story and maybe your opinion changes.

As I read it, I think to myself, I really don’t have much sympathy for these bloggers. Even if the story is 100% accurate as they describe it, there were not only plenty of red flags they should have seen ahead of time, but what did they expect? They didn’t sell their souls to Samsung but they certainly rented out their integrity for the price of a plane ticket.

The Next Web says, “In the end it’s a cautionary tale..” Yeah, but not the way they portray it. There’s a reason why “real journalists” dont accept these kinds of offers. If you’re not self sustained (in other words, if you haven’t made your own arrangements with your own money), don’t be surprised that, when you prostitute yourself, someone wants to fuck you.


They may not have asked for anything in return, but don’t fool yourself – they certainly do want something out of it even if it’s “just” goodwill.

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