"Approve Comment"? Nope…

I received this comment from a reader:

Completely innocuous comment (even if the “Blow Me” user name is juvenile), agreed?

But when I went to approve the comment, I noticed the email address was faked. And, for some reason, that ticked me off.

I’m a big fan of transparency. In all the years I’ve been on the internet, I’ve never used any other name than “Shawn King” or a variation thereof. I’ve never been “anonymous” and never used a pseudonym. But I completely understand when someone else wants to. But what I do want and expect is accountability. I know I can’t check each and every email address that posts to the site but I won’t let the really obvious fake ones through.

And while this comment isn’t offensive by any means, the fact that someone from the University of Southern Indiana (hey Blow Me – whois lookups are easy) would post but not use a real email address so you can be contacted about your post just rubs me the wrong way. Am I being stupid/naive/unreasonable?

One thought on “"Approve Comment"? Nope…”

  1. I think it’s an age thing. Back in the 80s when I was BBS’ing I went under the handle ‘urLord’. I used that for both BBSes and Usenet. As I got older and started representing a software company (Jefferson Software – We did Modula-2 compilers on the Atari ST. And, oh god how I miss that language!) on BIX and Genie I gradually dropped the use of handles and started using my real name. Or as much of it as systems would allow. It was ‘jrk’ for most of the 90’s because just about everywhere I went could handle 3 characters as opposed to the 12 characters ‘Jim Kershner’ took up.

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