Monte's Package

A couple of weeks ago, one of our listeners, Monte Freeman, was in town on his way to an Alaskan Cruise. We don’t normally let listeners just drop in to the show (we have some weird listeners – you really don’t want them in your studio) but we’ve met Monte in the past and like him a lot.

So Monte comes, visits, pays the YML toll (a six pack of GOOD beer), has a good time, leaves.

Last week, Monte starting teasing us about a package he was sending us, and telling me that when it got to the studio, I had to share it with my two co-hosts. I checked the UPS tracking number and saw that it was a 7.5lbs package. What could he possibly be sending us?

Today, Monte tweets:

As is frequently (and sadly) the case, the UPS guy just drops things off at the front door – he doesn’t even bother to knock or ring the doorbell. So I go to the door and sure enough, there’s the package on the stoop. Sure enough, it’s pretty heavy for such a small box.

Curious, I bring it inside and open it up. This is what was inside:

Yes – we have some odd listeners. 🙂


(And yes, there is a back story and yes, most of my American readers will not recognize what that is – it’s Kraft Crunchy Peanut Butter and not available in the United States. “Greatest country in the world” my ass…)

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