Now is the Perfect Time for…(Pundits to STFU)

Cult of Android managed to “sneak” an article into the RSS feed of Cult of Mac, forcing me to read it. Bastards. But I’m glad I did – I hadn’t fulfilled my Recommended Daily Allowance of The Stupid and this article pushed me over the top.

Right from the start, the writer shows he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. The title of the article, “Now Is The Perfect Time For Google To Submit Its Maps App For iOS” shows a fundamental lack of understanding of what is going on. Absent everything else, does anyone believe that, if Google Maps was “ready” for iOS 6, Google would withhold it?

Don’t get me wrong – I think Google should hold it back for “competitive advantages”. But the author seems to think Google has it all ready to go and it’s just a matter of submitting it.

He says:

I believe now to be the perfect time to turn the other cheek.

What does he think this is – Church Camp? Companies don’t “turn the other cheek” – they compete to try and win mind and market share from their competitors. If Google thought they could do either, they would release an app. They won’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts.

Google has been in no rush to submit its Google Maps app to Apple

This ignores the reports from real journalists who have been saying that Apple and Google were working on the next version of Google Maps but there were various sticking points.

there are also millions of users who absolutely love there iPhone

Hire a copy editor. I’m just saying.

Now is the perfect time for Google to rescue iOS users from Apple’s emotions and rise up to become a hero of services.

You play D&D too much.

(Tim Cook) has inadvertently broken the facade that anything Apple is better.

That “facade” is only there for MacMacs and Android Fanboys. In the real world, we recognize that while Apple has done more remarkable things than any other company in the past decade, they are not omnipotent – they make mistakes.

It’s now clear to all that Google Maps is a much better service.

That may be true for Android users but, without feature parity, it’s not true for iOS users. On iOS there’s no doubt that Google Maps was the redheaded stepchild. Apple recognized they needed a better app and, if Google didn’t want to provide it (under terms suitable to Apple) then they would have to make their own.

Should Google submit its Maps app (with turn-by-turn navigation)

Are you not paying attention? This was exactly one of the issues where Apple and Google couldn’t agree.

Google will solidify itself as the top dog for maps services — something that will not soon be forgotten, no matter how much work Apple does to its own Maps.

No – it will be forgotten the instant Apple solves whatever problems, real or imagined, people have with Maps.

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