TV Shows booted from my Tivo

Ben and Kate – When the best actor on the show is the 5 year old kid, it’s time to stop watching. But even before then, the immaturity of the show was annoying and it was simply a boring as hell premise. Death knell was – NOT FUNNY.

The Neighbors – Holy shit. This show has no redeeming features whatsoever. Awful in every single possible way – acting, directing, writing….inconceivable to imagine we live in a world where this steaming pile of shit could actually get on TV.

The Mindy Project – Another show where I simply don’t care about the whiny, entitled characters. It might be a good show but there’s zero relevance to me from any of the characters. And like Ben and Kate, I never laughed a single time during the first two episodes.

Shows on the bubble:

Animal Practice – not funny but roommate loves the animals

Made in Jersey – not nearly enough cleavage for a show about women from New Jersey

Vegas – watching this just for Chiklis but never a fan of period dramas

Elementary – I so want this to be good (I LOVE LUCY LIU) but it’s not outstanding. It suffers from comparisons to the BBC’s Sherlock

Last Resort – watching just to continue to spot the *HUGE* number of tech details they get completely wrong

The New Normal – who new gays could be so boring?

Go On – Do you wonder what ever happened to Chandler Bing? This show answers that question

The Mob Doctor – always fun watching medical shows with a doctor – “Oh, that’s bullshit!”

666 Park Avenue – I love Terry O’Quinn so I’ll give this show a chance but I’m not holding out a lot of hope

What new shows are you watching or not watching this season and why?

2 thoughts on “TV Shows booted from my Tivo”

  1. Mathew Perry really has forever been cast as Chandler Bing.

    His role in Studio 60 was a really well crafted character, but, apparently only you,me, and the homeless ever watched that show.

    I really feel sorry for him, (apart from the 40 mill he earned), even today, he is the only one that had a modicum of talent. I thought Mr.s Sunshine was a fun if simple comedy.

    This, however is crap.

    1. I wonder how much of it is that he’s been typecast as Chandler Bing or if he simply can’t act?

      “apparently only you,me, and the homeless ever watched that show.”

      I still don’t get why more people didn’t watch that show and why people think that it was bad. I’ve ben rewatching it lately and I think it still stands up pretty well. Certainly better than most hour long dramedies do today.

      And yeah – Go On is kinda bad…

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