How desperate are NHL Hockey Fans?

First of all was this tweet from my friend Sly:

I’ve knows Sly for more than 20 years – SHE’S NOT KIDDING about cheering a 15+ year old goal. 🙂

Then I read this story.

Columbus Blue Jackets fans gathered at a bar for a Xbox simulation and the Blue Jackets’ radio announcers showed up to call it.

I shit you not. They even have video….

But, as Deadspin says, ” Lest you think that it’s weird or crazy to spend your Friday watching simulation video game hockey, consider your plan of action if your favorite sport was locked out, and your team’s announcers showed up at your local bar to call a simulation of one of their games. You’d probably stick around, no?”

Yeah…that would be all kinds of cool…

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