You've never wanted to be a man named Angus more in your life…

Dewar’s is running a series of ads for their blended Scotch whisky, “Dewar’s White Label”.

I’ve never had it but, after seeing this first advertisement, I definitely want to try it:

The SMOKING HOT actress is Claire Forlani who is, sadly, not nearly as Scottish (Irish?) as she appears but is still SMOKING HOT.

After watching this second ad:

I realized I’d crawl naked through broken hot glass to drink her bathwater….

(Too much information?)

And then there’s the ninety second mini-movie version of the first ad:

I’ve never wanted to be a man named Angus more in my entire life…

Although, I can completely understand how, for some men, that kind of woman would scare the ever loving hell out of them. 🙂

14 thoughts on “You've never wanted to be a man named Angus more in your life…”

    1. Those were my thoughts exactly. The advert might just as well say, “Dewar’s, for the alcoholic who doesn’t care how he gets his load on.” Lagavulin all the way. Oban in a pinch.

      1. That’s the impression that I have also, in that the commercial is actually gearing towards the alcoholic in a subtle but daring way

  1. Just saw this again, after Midnight. The last seconds of the scene ” All hail to the great tin man!” Does that mean Angus doesn’t have his heart in the seriousness of life?

    Is Angus even there… or is S King filling in , full heart and all?

  2. No doubt Shawn….I’m stickin’ with ‘Claire” in the ad version; who cares what
    happens to Angus–she doesn’t!

  3. I’m pretty sure that the truth behind this story is something other than sensual in any way, shape, or form. Who is Angus? Why does she speak so contemptuously of him, then smile? Why does she hang out in dingy warehouses with dour men? And who was banging on the inside of the trunk, desperate to escape…. Could it be Angus? Is Angus thirsty because he has spent a few days in captivity? I think this whole setup is far more sinister than is apparent.

    1. Is she telling him to go back to sleep on the stained mattress as he tearfully struggles to call to the spectator for help through the duct tape over his mouth?

  4. Her first name is Irish, its a completely Celtic name. I don’t know if its also commonly used in Scottland, but given the common Gaelic roots I wouldn’t be surprised. Her bio says her mother is English but I’ll bet if you dig deeper there is some Irish or Scottish there. Millions of Brits are really Celts underneath if you scratch the paint.

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