What I Want for Christmas: Not a Damn Thing

John Scalzi:
For a number of years, I’ve told people who have been thinking of getting me something for Christmas or whatever holiday excuse they have for gift giving that I’d simply prefer they not get me anything at all. The reaction to this often ranges from confusion (i.e., how can you not want gifts?) to exasperation that my insincere “no, no, you don’t have to get me anything…” ways just means they will have to be extra crafty in getting me a gift, since I’m not helping them by hinting at what I want.

I feel the same way but for different reasons. People ask me “what do you want for Christmas?” and don’t believe me when I say “nothing.” Yeah – they know I’m lying but I can’t tell them what I really want because they can’t get it for me.

In fact, there’s ALL KINDS of things I want for Christmas. If you have a spare $16,000, I’d LOVE to have one of these.

I’d love to have a real job that paid real money. I’d love to be able to start my Photography Seminars. I’d love to have an iPad 4. A Nikon D3s. A villa in Perugia. A boat (but not a Steve Jobs designed one). A girlfriend.

So yeah – there’s lots of things I want for Christmas.

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