How can you not love Dan Savage?

In a piece called, “Gay Panic Attack”, Dan Savage offers advice to a 21 years old straight male who “arranged a date with a trans sex worker.” This poor child says, “I became the receiving partner during anal sex…the next day, I started to feel REALLY bad.” And he actually says to Savage, “I just can’t get past the fact that I did the gayest thing a guy can do.”

OK…once I got done laughing, I read Savage’s response:

“Yes, yes: You did the gayest thing a guy can do—you allowed someone to put a dick in your manbutt—but now you’re doing the second-gayest thing a guy can do.

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Are You smarter than an Eighth Grader? 1912 Edition

Mental Floss:
For most of us, eighth grade is a stew of awkward memories: pimples, doodles, and straight-armed slow dances. But for students 100 years ago, it was probably their last year at school. Thanks to mandatory schooling laws established a decade earlier, kids in Kentucky could stop attending class at 14 years old.

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