Is this the WORST thing you've read all week?

I have, on many occasions, slammed Chris Maxcer of MacNewsWorld. He’s generally fairly muddle headed in his thinking and myopic in his viewpoint. But today, he goes above and beyond the call of the usual clueless pundit and jumps write into Edward George Bulwer-Lytton territory.

His article, “Does Apple Need a Bigger Stick – or Charm School?”

Starts off like this:

Apple, in so many ways, is now king of the hill. As such, behind every rock on the Web there seems to be a new charge to knock Apple down.

If a competitor isn’t charging the hill, Apple seems to be the target for stone-throwing. It’s not that this is unexpected; the rise and fall of companies — and Hollywood starlets — is commonplace. But does a meteoric rise always require a fall?

Is it just me or is that the most nonsensical pasting together of sentences into an opening you’ve read all week? And what do “hollywood starlets” have to do with anything?

I literally had to read the above four times to make sure I wasn’t simply being dense and not comprehending Maxcer’s writing.

I still can’t comprehend it but at least now I see it for what it is – truly shitty writing.

The rest doesn’t get any better. In the middle, Maxcer uses the word “still” five times in five consecutive sentences. Maxcer/MacNewsWorld – hire a fucking copy editor.

NBC's Brian Williams on Social Media

He says, “I have another theory that the growth of self, all things self, has taken away our spirit of community.”

It’s an interesting point. When the “I” becomes more important than the “we”, the self becomes even more selfish than usual.

Could it explain the seeming rise in the lack of civil discourse? We can’t seem to see other points of views any more or compromise for “the good of the country” or tolerate (even celebrate) others’ differences.

Is it because of the “growth of self”?

NBC’s Brian Williams on Social Media