How Lazy is the Tech Media?

The Show from Hell, CES starts next week and the press releases are flying. The Consumer Electronics Association, the folks who put on CES, have sent out a PR titled, “CEA Announces iBeacon Scavenger Hunt at 2014 International CES“. Oohh…sounds exciting.

Of course, everyone in the Tech Media reprinted, in various versions, the CEA PR:

iLounge: “iBeacon ‘scavenger hunt’ game planned for 2014 CES
Cult of Mac: “CES Using Apple’s iBeacon For Scavenger Hunt On Show Floor Next Week
Appleinsider: “Apple’s iBeacon tech to be highlighted in CES scavenger hunt
AppAdvice: “CES 2014 To Conduct Special Scavenger Hunt Using Apple’s iBeacon Technology
Computerworld: “Apple iBeacon tech lights up CES 2014
iClarified: “Apple’s iBeacon Technology to be Featured in CES 2014 Scavenger Hunt
iMore: “CES hosting iBeacon scavenger hunt through official mobile apps
CNET: “Apple’s iBeacon tech to be used for fun in CES scavenger hunt
iPhoneHacks: “CES 2014 to feature an iBeacon-driven scavenger hunt

All of the above sites (and more) mentioned “The first three verified players to collect all iBeacon badges will be awarded a “special prize.””

Now, if you’re a reporter, wouldn’t you be curious to know what that “special prize” was? I would be. So I went to the CEA PR and checked. They don’t list the prizes but they do link to the official contest rules. That PDF says:

Prize: One tablet computer. MSRP: $900.00. One fitness band. MSRP: $150.00. Official CES press bag. Estimated value of $100. Total maximum ARV of all prizes: $1,300.00.

First of all, big fucking deal on the prizes.

Secondly, is there a (good) reason none of the above listed web sites bothered to find out the same information? It’s not like it was a hard thing to do. But for each and every one of them, it was easier to simply regurgitate the CEA PR rather than be a real “reporter”.


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