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Everyone is picking up the story of the Google Glass wearer who was pulled out of an Ohio movie theatre by “The Feds” because they thought he was recording the movie he and his wife were watching.

There will be all kinds of pundits talking about the various aspects of this case but this pundit wants to talk about two specific aspects of it. The Glass wearer said:

the “feds” telling me I am not under arrest, and that this is a “voluntary interview…”

If that were the case and you felt uncomfortable with the “interview”, get up and leave. You are within your rights.

He goes on to say:

but if I choose not to cooperate bad things may happen to me (is it legal for authorities to threaten people like that?).

They most certainly are. The US Supreme Court has said that a certain amount of obfuscation, intimidation and outright lying is permissible by the authorities and their agents.

In a follow up post on another web site, the Glass wearer said:

I didn’t get the contact information for the officers.

Always, ALWAYS get “contact info”. Ask for a business card of everyone you speak to. If they don’t have a card, ask for a piece of paper, a pen and their ID. Take your time and write down all the information about your “interviewer” you can get.

Luckily, he seems to have learned his lesson:

In the event somebody else shoves a badge in my face in the future (not in a traffic situation), my plan is to say “lawyer” and then nothing else. If I am in a traffic situation I plan to just be polite, and if the traffic officer decides to give me a ticket for wearing Glass I plan to fight it in court.

As an aside, he also says:

the federal militia (sorry, I cannot think of other derogatory words).

Dude. You really need to learn more and better curse words. I can think of a dozen even before I’ve had coffee.

To be fair, I get that for the vast majority of people, being “interviewed” by the police can be a terrifying experience. All the more reason to know what to do ahead of time.

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