Yesterday's Super Bowl ads – my opinion

Sadly, up here in The Great White North, our government has decried that, even if we are watching the native American channel, advertisements are often cut out in favour of “Canadian content”. This is never more clear than during the Super Bowl. While our American friends were watching Maserati, Scientology, Coke and Bob Dylan ads, we were treated to endless repeats of ads we’d seen many times before.

But now that the game is over (GO SEAHAWKS!), I can Youtube them and pass along my impressions.

My vote for the weirdest, most out of place Super Bowl had has to go to the Scientology one:

The ad with the fewest potential customers was for Maserati:

The ad with the funniest small print goes to Labatt’s:

The ad with the stupidest opening line (“Is there anything more American than America?” WTF?) and the commercial that made middle aged white guys lose their shit is the same:

Hopefully, the only commercial about cows having sex you’ll ever have to watch:

Saddest commercial had Morpheus coming out of retirement for Kia:

The only commercial that made me laugh out loud was the RadioShack Commercial:

The 2nd funniest was “Doberhuahua”:

Commercial you can use to spot racists assholes with:

And the most surprising ad was Microsoft’s “Empowering”:

Surprising if only because it was well done and, dare I say, very Apple like.

What were your favourite ads?

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