"More Americans play Hockey than Canadians" NO SHIT.

Grantland posted this article about how America has become a hockey power.

The article goes off the rails at the end when they say:

in the U.S., more kids were playing in New York than in Massachusetts; almost as many were playing in Michigan as in Minnesota; and more played in each of these four states than in British Columbia. More kids were playing hockey in Pennsylvania than in Saskatchewan or Manitoba; in California or New Jersey than in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick. More kids were playing in Texas than in Newfoundland.

Seriously? You’re hanging your hat on that? Quantity does NOT equal quality. New York state has a population of 19.6 million. Massachusetts – 6.6 million. Michigan – 9.9 million. Minnesota – 5.4 million. British Columbia? 4.4 million. So it only makes sense there’d be more people doing *anything* in those four states more than in British Columbia.

They pointlessly include more unfair comparisons. Pennsylvania vs Saskatchewan and Manitoba? 12.8 million vs 1.1 million and 1.3 million. California or New Jersey vs Nova Scotia or New Brunswick? 38 million and 8.9 million vs 921,000 *thousand* or 751,000 *thousand*.

And they finish up with the single most ridiculous comparison – Texas vs Newfoundland. 26.1 million vs 514,000 thousand.

If it were just, as they claim, a matter of numbers of players, why hasn’t the United States utterly dominated hockey at every level?

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