Sad little "Macworld/iWorld 2014 in pictures" slideshow

Macworld/iWorld 2014 in pictures

Macworld|iWorld is a three day event. Macworld magazine (owned by the same company that runs the expo show and conference), could only manage to post less than 20 pictures of the show.

The picture above (slide #2) is representative of the show and the coverage. The caption is, “Taken one hour before the show floor opened to the general public. As the minutes tick away, hundreds of people gather at the entrance.”


Note also that Macworld the magazine can’t even get the name of Macworld|iWorld correct.

Slide #7: “The company made its debut with a small, non-descript booth at last year’s Macworld/iWorld. A lot has changed in a year.” Look at that picture. It seems like it now just a larger but still non-descript booth.

Slide #10: A windows manufacturer. No, not as in Personal Computers. As in real life windows for your home. WHY!? Why are they at the show? Why has not one single member of the circle jerking Mac Media gone up to them and asked that very simple question?

There is no iWatch

Make no mistake, Apple has evaluated, designed, and strongly considered variations of a smart watch, but the tech media is blowing up with absolute certainty that “the iWatch” will be released. It won’t. The is no iWatch. I’m not saying it will never be released, but not in 2014, and likely not for at least a handful of years after that, if ever.

Apple is going to build and create the infrastructure and foundation for other companies to create the actual wearable.

Much like CarPlay, Apple won’t make the car but they will make the base software that allows the technology – whether it be health, fitness or “fun” related – to be installed on the third party device.

Anyone else use/drink "MiO Liquid Water Enhancers"?

I’ve been drinking a lot of water recently because A) it’s healthier and B) cheaper (every dollar counts nowadays). But it’s also “boring” and, of course, flavourless.

I’ve seen the ads for all of these “enhancers” but ignored them til this weekend when I picked up a little MiO Liquid Water Enhancer squirt pack.

I’m actually very pleasantly surprised at how much flavour there is out of a couple little squirts and how it makes me want to drink even more water – which I assume is a good thing.

They are a little bit expensive (over $5/box at my local grocery store) but I’ll “splurge” on them.

I noticed there are a bunch of others companies in the category. Does anyone have an opinion on some of the competitors or should I stick with the MiO’s?

Man gave $70,000 to man he met on OkCupid is now suing the dating site

NY Daily News:

A Queens man skewered by Cupid’s arrow is suing online dating service after a failed relationship that started on the site set him back over $70,000.

The sheer stupid insanity of this is mind boggling.

This guy gave a complete stranger $70 THOUSAND DOLLARS after meeting him on the dating site but never having met the person and having only spoken to them by phone.

I’m sorry you lost your money pal but YOU’RE A MORON.

The somewhat interesting part is – after reading the sparse details, he just might have a case.

But still…moron…

Jim Dalrymple and Keith Urban


My close personal friend, Jim Dalrymple, was down in Austin, Texas this past week attending the SXSW iTunes Music Festival. He apparently had a great time.

His lovely wife Monique posted this video on Facebook.

Now – leave aside how completely out of place Jim looks at a Keith Urban concert (or, for that matter, anywhere outside of a hardcore biker bar), there are a couple of things to note in this video.

At 1:28, Urban has climbed up into the crowd to play. You can see Jim on the right. He’s really easy to spot. He’s the biker looking dude who, quite simply, CAN’T DANCE.

But he’s obviously having fun, even though, as you can see by the video, he’s surrounded by douchebags who just want to get on camera.

At 3:26, Urban finishes the song, signs his name on the guitar he’d been playing and goes to hand it to Jim. A little backstory – Jim has been in Austin interviewing some of the people and bands playing at the festival. He had interviewed Willie Nelson and Urban earlier in the day.


I wonder if that guy is lying dead in an Austin ditch right now.

Watched "The World's End" last night…

The World’s End is the third film in the “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy, following “Shaun of the Dead” (which I really liked) and “Hot Fuzz” (not so much). But they are not connected – you don’t need to have watched the previous two to enjoy this one.

If you don’t know the premise of the movie, it starts off seemingly obvious and then, typical of a movie like “Shaun of the Dead”, gets REALLY WEIRD.

This is the point at which you either commit to the rest of the movie (because it won’t get any less weird) or just turn it off.

If you continue to watch, it’s a very funny, dry, British dark comedy.

But it’s the last 15 minutes that really made the movie fun for me. I won’t ruin it but I will say, it’s the reason why I watch anything Simon Pegg is in.