Landau: "Why I look forward to CarPlay" (and why I don't)

Slanted Viewpoint:

I’m very much looking forward to CarPlay. In fact, I’m certain that the next car I buy will have it.

As I see it, there’s a big upside and a smaller downside to CarPlay.

I won’t steal Ted’s thunder by telling you his up and downsides but mine are the opposite – I see huge downsides a little upside.

As I’ve said on YML many times, as a motorcyclist, I hate any kind of distractions to a car driver. We are vulnerable enough on top of our bikes without car manufacturers giving drivers even more reasons to not pay attention to the world outside their vehicles.

Every motorcyclist can tell you horror stories of people not only talking (illegally) on their cell phones but doing some of the most idiotic things in their cars.

I saw a woman in a convertible Jeep on the interstate outside Nashville, TN, CHANGE HER TOP. Seriously – she took the blouse she was wearing off, reached in the back, and put on another one. On the highway. In the fast lane. At 70mph.

I know all the arguments about hands free and unified systems and everything else. None of that matters if it takes your eyes off the road and/or makes you think about anything other than piloting your multi-thousand pound vehicle at high speeds.

4 thoughts on “Landau: "Why I look forward to CarPlay" (and why I don't)”

  1. I dunno, CarPlay doesn’t sound *too* different (functionally) from what you can get on existing cars. My Toyota has a number of “Apps”, whose connections are funneled through a single “Entune” app on a connected smartphone. Meanwhile, Navigation and iPod integration are standalone, and built into the head unit.

    Except it all pretty much sucks. Performing almost any function is very distracting because the UI is so sluggish and bad (to be fair, though, the voice command works very well for some functions).

    What I would look for from CarPlay is a way to access all (well, some) of that functionality with a smooth, non-distracting UI.

  2. As a motorcyclist too, I have had close calls thanks to distracted drivers. Only through defensive driving techniques am I alive to write this comment.

    With Apple’s CarPlay I have visions of drivers swerving all over the road while they pound on the dash screaming, “Goddammit Siri, I said…”

    1. Exactly. People are already bad enough drivers *without* this kind of tech in cars. This has the potential to make things even worse.

      Remember folks – it doesn’t take much to take a motorcyclist out. 🙁

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