Apple Declares Retail Store Theft Is ‘Not A Priority’

Ignoring the (intentionally or otherwise) misleading headline, this is an interesting “inside baseball” look at how Apple views theft and loss prevention by their retail store employees.

I say misleading because the headline makes it seem as if Apple doesn’t care about shoplifting – they most certainly do. The story is about “back of the house” or theft by the store employees themselves – a huge issue in every retail environment.

One thought on “Apple Declares Retail Store Theft Is ‘Not A Priority’”

  1. Interesting. Thank you for posting that. Everybody at my job goes through a metal detector (or is wanded) and their property goes through an x-ray, even us. On the other hand, we don’t check anything when they leave. I have heard of other places that are just the opposite. Everyone gets checked when they leave. I imagine there are also places that check everyone coming in AND going out.

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