Model Sues Playboy, Morning Show Host For Hitting Her Butt With Golf Club

CBS Los Angeles:

A model has filed suit against Playboy Enterprises and a co-host of the Playboy Morning Show for allegedly striking her in the buttocks with a golf club.

Elizabeth Dickson filed the complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging battery and negligence.

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UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long.

Ars Technica is reporting the “Netflix-like torrenting app Popcorn Time” has disappeared adding, “The creators were ready to make the app, but they weren’t ready to fight for it.”

While that may be a bit snippy (and unnecessary editorializing), it is funny to read the creators of the app say Popcorn “had become entrenched in a conversation they didn’t want to have.”… Read the rest

4 reasons this new movie is everything wrong with Hollywood

Earlier this week, Sony, a multimedia corporate giant run by full-grown adults, paid $1 million for a screenplay called Winter’s Knight, a gritty interpretation of the Santa Claus legend, because everyone in Hollywood has lost their fucking minds.

Go ahead…read this story and just try not to shake your head in amazement at the stupidity of this idea.… Read the rest