How to survive a five-hour plane flight in a wheel well

Vox has the story of “How to survive a five-hour plane flight in a wheel well” about the idiot 16 year old in California who inexplicably stowed away on the outside of a plane bound for Hawaii.

The title of the article made me laugh – is this really “advice” we should be putting out there!?… Read the rest

It’s Time to Ditch the Booth Babes


We need to ban the “booth babes.” It’s awkward. For me. Here I am wandering around, casting a lecherous gaze at this motorcycle or that coupe and I suddenly find myself making eye contact with an exploited model.

First of all, the muscles in my face aren’t developed enough to be able to configure themselves to telegraph a message of “I’m not lusting after you, pardon me for looking at you that way.

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Americans have no idea where their oil comes from, in one chart


“It turns out that America’s biggest source of oil, by far, is Canada.

If the vast majority of Americans think we’re so much more reliant on Middle Eastern oil than we actually are, they’re going to push for policies they may not want if they knew the truth.”

Knowledge is power.… Read the rest