I watched “Manhunter” last night. If you don’t know the movie, it was the first film to feature serial killer Hannibal Lecter (of “Silence of the Lambs” fame).

It is by no means, in my opinion, as good as SotL. It’s very dated and doesn’t hold up well style wise. It is fun to see all the character actors in the cast though and I didn’t even recognize Joan Allen in the film.

As a psychological thriller, it’s very slow paced and William Petersen’s moody stares get trying quickly. The best scenes are actually between Allen and Tom Noonan who plays the bad guy. There’s a point where you think he might be redeemable if only…

The best part was rediscovering the music of a band I loved in the 80s – Shriekback. I wore out their “Oil and Gold” album.

Overall, it would make a good doubleheader flick with the much lauded SotL.

40 Breathtaking Places to See Before You Die

Check out the “40 Breathtaking Places to See Before You Die”.

Let’s play an imagination game…

I’ll give you unlimited funds to go to *ONE* (and only one) of these places with a friend to take pictures with your choice of cameras (and me along as your instructor, of course! 🙂 ).

So – which place would you pick? For me, it would be a toss up between #10 and #21 but if I was forced to pick, my heart always wants to go to Italy.

How to survive a five-hour plane flight in a wheel well

Vox has the story of “How to survive a five-hour plane flight in a wheel well” about the idiot 16 year old in California who inexplicably stowed away on the outside of a plane bound for Hawaii.

The title of the article made me laugh – is this really “advice” we should be putting out there!?

But the best line comes later in the story:

trauma surgeon Kenneth Stahl said the teenager will probably have permanent brain damage from his experience.

I would argue this kid had permanent brain damage LONG before he jumped the fence at the airport.

It’s Time to Ditch the Booth Babes


We need to ban the “booth babes.” It’s awkward. For me. Here I am wandering around, casting a lecherous gaze at this motorcycle or that coupe and I suddenly find myself making eye contact with an exploited model.

First of all, the muscles in my face aren’t developed enough to be able to configure themselves to telegraph a message of “I’m not lusting after you, pardon me for looking at you that way. I was lusting after that inanimate object six inches to your left.”

For the record, I don’t care whether booth babes are there or not. If they are, I will look briefly. I’m not a perv. I’m a fairly normal red blooded heterosexual male, after all.

But this guy saying, “I can’t help myself!” makes him sound like a complete asshole. “I have no control over where my eyeballs go.” What kind of walleyed asshat is this guy that he can’t even look around a booth babe?

He calls himself a “business journalist working in New York”. New Yorkers are famous for their skills at looking the other way and minding their own business. Yet this guy somehow loses all control over his occipital muscles whenever a pretty girl wanders into his field of view? If that were true, he’d have been hit by a bus crossing the street years ago.

And why is he blaming the booth babes for “distracting” him or making him feel awkward? Man up and take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand all the concerns about booth babes and the objectification of women. But this guy’s attitude of “blame the victim” is bullshit.

Apple tries to Clean Up its Carbon-Spewing Ways


It’s an unusual trip in that its point is to give a reporter exposure to the way Apple works, a departure from the company’s usual maniacal secrecy. But when it comes to the environment, Apple consciously carves out an exception to its standard opacity.

Steven Levy got the grand tour of Apple’s newest data center a few miles outside Reno.

The good news in his article?:

Apple is close to its goal of powering all its facilities 100 percent by renewable energy. Its corporate campuses and data centers are now at 94 percent renewable and rising. (In 2010 it was 35 percent.) The next step is to extend the efforts to its retail stores.

The bad news?:

In this accounting, Apple does not include the manufacturing, transport, and use of its actual products, which accounts for 98 percent of its carbon footprint.

They have a LONG way to go. But at least, they are moving in the right direction.

Americans have no idea where their oil comes from, in one chart


“It turns out that America’s biggest source of oil, by far, is Canada.

If the vast majority of Americans think we’re so much more reliant on Middle Eastern oil than we actually are, they’re going to push for policies they may not want if they knew the truth.”

Knowledge is power. The lack of knowledge gives others power over you.

The "Macumentary"

Way back in the mists of (internet) time, I did a show out of a professional studio in White Rock, BC with a crew of old school radio guys. I found a co-host at a MUG meeting and “The Mac Show” was born. I’d been doing a “broadcast” for several years before meeting these guys but it was definitely not as good as what it eventually became.

We had a great time and the radio guys taught me a lot about how to do things properly. It’s a real shame the relationship fell apart.

A show listener and professional videographer, Adam Tinkoff, pitched the idea of this “macumentary” to us and MacAddict magazine. This video was included on the magazine’s CD-Rom (remember when magazines would give those out?) in August 2001.