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The show Mom is not very good but I watch it (and fast forward any scenes she’s not in) because I adore Alison Janney.

Latest episode had this exchange that cracked me up:

Daughter Christy (Anna Faris): “I’m surprised you two were able to stop fighting long enough to be able to conceive me.”

Mom Bonnie (Allison Janney): “We didn’t.”

Christy: “How does that work?”

Bonnie: “How do you think? It hurts a little.”

Literally made me laugh out loud.

Still – not a good show.

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  1. It still confuses me why dross like 2 Broke Girls, mike and molly, and Whitney get recommissioned yet half decent stuff does not.

    This dross will get a 2nd outing if only because of the two lead names, both of whom are doing as best they can with shitty writing.

    I’m a great fan of Janney, her comic acting is very underrated. She was good with mathew Perry in Mr. sunshine (cancelled) and her pseudo cameo in the cancelled Perry vehicle “go on” was great.

    1. LOL Well…*women* work for me – I don’t care what size they are or what their hair colour is. When you look like I do, you can’t afford to be choosy. 🙂

      And actually, I think she’s a fairly homely woman. Beautiful eyes though. But I think she’s a great and very funny actress.

  2. You are an ugly f*** but being 6’2ish is in your favour, try being 5’7.

    She is an fantastically underrated comic actress.

    1. 6’3″, a-hole… 🙂

      And you’re right. No woman has *ever* said, “Yeah – I want to date a guy shorter than me…” 🙂

      And she’s a wonderful actress. I’ll watch her in anything she does.

    1. With trepidation. The “young love” relationship stuff just annoyed the shit out of me but the “journalism as a higher calling” aspect of the show I enjoyed.

      1. absolutely get that. it was just so annoying.

        The need for more information, for 2nd and 3rd confirmation

        pulled me in

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