The "Macumentary"

Way back in the mists of (internet) time, I did a show out of a professional studio in White Rock, BC with a crew of old school radio guys. I found a co-host at a MUG meeting and “The Mac Show” was born. I’d been doing a “broadcast” for several years before meeting these guys but it was definitely not as good as what it eventually became.

We had a great time and the radio guys taught me a lot about how to do things properly. It’s a real shame the relationship fell apart.

A show listener and professional videographer, Adam Tinkoff, pitched the idea of this “macumentary” to us and MacAddict magazine. This video was included on the magazine’s CD-Rom (remember when magazines would give those out?) in August 2001.

4 thoughts on “The "Macumentary"”

  1. Holy crap you had hair, and a hair line !

    That was such a great insight into your net broadcasting history. You must have been one of the very first internet casters?

    I’m so glad moedesco/moescito/moeanotherroud managed to turn you around, and not step out. You don’t do a show that everyone wants to listen to, I gave up during your bitch years, but there is an honesty about your show that is second to none.

    1. LOL I *still* have hair and a hairline. I just choose to shave it. I’m BBC – “Bald By Choice”. 🙂

      I was among the first and definitely the first person to ever do a show focused on Apple.

      “I gave up during your bitch years” LMAO

      “an honesty about your show that is second to none.” Thanks! I really appreciate that and it’s definitely, for better or worse, my hallmark. 🙂

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