Driving Doug’s Ferrari

Driving Doug’s Ferrari:

When Doug DeMuro bought a Ferrari 360 Modena, he decided to go ahead and let all his friends drive it, since he knew they would want to and they would feel awkward about asking. He got repaid with a nice video of their reactions.

That’s all fine and Doug may be a nice guy but I watched the video and the thing that jumped out at me is the fact that DOUG AND HIS FRENDS ARE ASSHOLES.

You know how I can tell? Watch the first two minutes of the video and look at the background whiz by as these asshats accelerate. They’re often doing this IN A RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBOURHOOD.

I love Ferraris. I love going fast. But if you put a high performance sports car into the hands of a newbie and then let that newbie accelerate widely through a residential neighbourhood, you and your friends are fucking jag offs.

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