Foxhole Photos a Hoax, Many Sites Duly Embarrassed

Can you spot where The Stupid starts?


Last week, we and many others ran the story of a rather astounding collection of photographs that were supposedly discovered in a foxhole where the infamous Battle of the Bulge took place.

Allegedly found by U.S. Navy Captain Mark Anderson and accompanying historian Jean Muller, the story goes that the duo found then scanned the images in an old camera, presenting them to the world seventy years after they were captured and left behind by a soldier who had been KIA. But that, it seems, is not the truth.

A few days after posting the article, our Editor-in-Chief began receiving emails from concerned readers notifying us that the story was fabricated and that they had seen these photos before. Unable to confirm anything at the time, we kept our eye on it, reaching out to a number of people in regards to the situation.


If they had simply waited to confirm the story before they originally posted it, maybe they wouldn’t be “crushed and embarrassed” that they were pulled into the hoax.

The idiocy of this story is their own line of “Unable to confirm anything at the time, we kept our eye on it…” But not until after they had already published it. They “kept their eye on it” only after their own readers told Petapixel about it. It’s not like Petapixel is a “breaking news” site or that this was news that absolutely had to be posted immediately and therefore may be cut (a little) slack on a “fluid” situation/story.

Their embarrassment is completely deserved and we should have zero sympathy for them. In their rush to post, they broke a Cardinal Rule of journalism: “Get it right first”.

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  1. This is one of the reasons I hate the internet ; Post first, sod accuracy. Confirm at leisure, or when convenient, or just not at all.

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