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coffeeVelasquez Family Coffee:

Velasquez Family Coffee was started by Guillermo and Cathy Velasquez to sell the high quality coffee grown by our family and friends in the mountains of Honduras. This ensures them a livable income and supports their effort to protect and enhance the precious cloud forest ecosystem where they farm.

Sometimes it seems there are as many different kinds of coffee as there are beans on a….tree….bush…well…whatever coffee grows on…

A YML listener, Tom R, was kind enough to send me a couple of bags of his family’s favourite coffee – Velasquez Family Coffee.

While coffee can be a very personal thing – especially among coffee snobs – it can still be a pain finding just the right beans coupled with just the right grind, just the right brewing method, just the right machine, etc, etc.

So when Tom told me he was sending me a couple of pounds of Velasquez Family Coffee’s “Maximo’s French Roast”, I wasn’t holding out much hope it would be something I would like.

I was wrong.

I can always tell when a coffee type/brand/bean/grind is good and/or I’ve brewed it properly when I can drink it black. I’ve always put cream in my coffee (no sugar though). The only time I’ve ever had black coffee on a daily basis was when I was in Italy having their delicious espressos.

While I don’t drink every cup of Velasquez Family Coffee black, I’ve had a few cups black (I’m having one now!) and it is just as yummy as the same coffee with cream in it.

It’s a shame it costs so much to ship to Canada or this would become my new favourite coffee.

Thanks Tom!

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