How to do a Whisky Tasting

Highland Park Whisky 101 – How to do a Whisky Tasting:

First thing we do, we look at the colour. We hold it up and look at the colour. Now, colour in whisky tells us….absolutely nothing…basically, all you’re doing is making sure your glass is clean…”

The Highland Park Distillery has posted this funny and very informative video on how to “taste” whisky (no “e” means it’s Scottish booze). Bad whisk(e)y tastes like gasoline but good whisk(e)y is sublime. I’m always trying to get friends to try out the good stuff. It’s a wonderful spirit.

3 thoughts on “How to do a Whisky Tasting”

  1. If you can, go find a bottle of Innis and Gunn. Beer matured in whiskey / rum / bourbon barrels. It is sold in canada ( I know Dougal, he tells me they actively market in eastern Canada)

    What started as an experiment to flavour whiskey barrels with ales in an attempt to age them was turned on its head when the distillery workers ‘sampled’ some of the ales and reported back that they were unique. Innis and Gunn hit on whiskey / rum / bourbon aged ale.

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