Diary of a Mad Man Podcast Episode #1!

I’ve been threatening to resurrect “Trash Talk” for years but never found the right co-host – I think I have now. 🙂

You can listen here. Let us know what you think. WARNING – THIS IS A SHOW MEANT FOR ADULTS. We use language not meant for those with delicate sensibilities. If you listen to this podcast and then complain about the language or the subject matter, I will publicly mock you.

Things we talked about:

Starbucks Will Stop Putting The Words ‘Race Together’ On Cups

Mo’ne Davis forgives her Twitter troll: “He’s hurt even more”

Vasectomy Madness: Making the cut to watch the games

Savage Love

The show is making its way through the iTunes Podcast approval system. We’ll let you know when it is available.

2 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Man Podcast Episode #1!”

  1. Sounds great, enjoyed the show. Shawn, I don’t think you can bench press a MG, but your body double Vin Diesel might 😉

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