Diary of a Mad Man Podcast Episode #7!

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iSperm lets you check your semen using an iPad

Black officer photographed helping Klan supporter

If a woman says, “first of all,” run…

Woman Masturbating With Rampant Rabbit Vibrator Crashes Mini Cooper Into Stationary Fish Wagon

Dan Savage

Impatient Prince Philip Caught Dropping F-Bomb on Photographer

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/kanata-couple-reach-compromise-over-veggie-garden-1.3147203?cmp=rssRead the rest

Dollar and Bugsy

Every morning, we get up and look out our dining room window at Dollar (on the left) and Bugsy. Dollar is a huge, beautiful, calm horse. Bugsy is….less so. 🙂

He’s an impatient joker, always teasing and nipping at Dollar, rolling around on the ground and generally being as mischievous as is possible for a creature without opposable thumbs.… Read the rest