Diary of a Mad Man Podcast Episode #7!

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iSperm lets you check your semen using an iPad

Black officer photographed helping Klan supporter

If a woman says, “first of all,” run…

Woman Masturbating With Rampant Rabbit Vibrator Crashes Mini Cooper Into Stationary Fish Wagon

Dan Savage

Impatient Prince Philip Caught Dropping F-Bomb on Photographer


The 11 Worst Sounds in the World

I think everyone should work a year or two in retail, service or hospitality.Read the rest

Dollar and Bugsy

Every morning, we get up and look out our dining room window at Dollar (on the left) and Bugsy. Dollar is a huge, beautiful, calm horse. Bugsy is….less so. 🙂

He’s an impatient joker, always teasing and nipping at Dollar, rolling around on the ground and generally being as mischievous as is possible for a creature without opposable thumbs.… Read the rest