First time in Mexico – any tips?

Now that we’ve made the reservations, we need to make the plans.

Neither Kim or I have ever been to Mexico or to an “All Inclusive Resort” before so I’m asking you – what should we know/do/be on the lookout (good or bad) for?

When I went on a Mediterranean cruise in a previous lifetime, we got smacked around by all kinds of surprises so I’d like to avoid/minimize that as much as possible.

We’ll be flying into the Cancun International Airport and then picking up our transfer to the resort where we’ll spend a week just relaxing on the beach – well, Kim will be on the beach. I’ll likely spend almost every waking hour actually in the water. 🙂

Having never been to Mexico and not knowing more than a half dozen Spanish words, I’m a little leery. So, what advice do you have for us? Anything in particular we should watch out for? I’m pretty good at spotting scams and rip-offs but if there’s anything you know of, please let us know!

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