Guest Post by Amy!

My friend Amy writes:

Elizabeth Warren says women don’t share that they use Planned Parenthood.

I do.

I use Planned Parenthood.

And now I’m sharing it.

Off and on for over twenty years, PP has given me services like thyroid blood screenings, liver function panels, cholesterol testing, Pap smear tests, and “well woman” exams.

Planned Parenthood has provided me with sound, unbiased information about my health and choices that help me make the most of limited health care dollars when I’ve been uninsured, unemployed, or under-employed.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood has never even offered me an abortion. In over twenty years. Nothing. Incredible. Since all I hear from my “representatives” in government is that’s all PP does. Abortions.

Abortions. And more abortions.


Why have I never been offered an abortion??

Because I’ve never been pregnant. Why? Because I never wanted any children. Planned Parenthood helped me choose birth control options that best suited me, my needs, and my financial situation.

If you, kind reader, think you don’t know anyone who goes to Planned Parenthood, you’re wrong. And if you think PP “only kills babies” you’re double wrong.

Have a question about Planned Parenthood? Why not ask? Ask PP or even me. I might be able to answer your question.

Or just continue to live in ignorance. But just like most STI’s, ignorance is totally curable and you don’t even need a pelvic exam or any prescription creams.

Thank you, Elizabeth Warren, for supporting women and girls to make the best choices for themselves. And for supporting Planned Parenthood in providing ladies of all ages, races, religions, and classes with scientifically sound and unbiased health care and advice.

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