How to do a Whisky Tasting

Highland Park Whisky 101 – How to do a Whisky Tasting:

First thing we do, we look at the colour. We hold it up and look at the colour. Now, colour in whisky tells us….absolutely nothing…basically, all you’re doing is making sure your glass is clean…”

The Highland Park Distillery has posted this funny and very informative video on how to “taste” whisky (no “e” means it’s Scottish booze). Bad whisk(e)y tastes like gasoline but good whisk(e)y is sublime. I’m always trying to get friends to try out the good stuff. It’s a wonderful spirit.

After All These Years Brain Finally Tells Off Pinky!

After All These Years Brain Finally Tells Off Pinky:

Some beautiful angel sent from heaven recently got together with the two voice actors who were responsible for Pinky and the Brain. He put them in a room, handed them a script, and watched them make fucking magic happen. Vulgar magic.


This is How You Make Selfie Toast

This is How You Make Selfie Toast:

If you want selfie toast, it’ll cost you $75 for the first toaster. Toast with your face on it for everyone!

If you are this vain, please just kill yourself. If you ever served this to me, don’t worry, I’ll choke you out with my bare hands. Surely you can find other, better ways to piss away $75, couldn’t you?

Boobs, Big Data, and My Pursuit of the Perfect Bra

The Daily Dot:

According to Michelle Lam, 81% of women are wearing the wrong cup size.

As CEO of True&Co, a lingerie company that has been referred to as “Netflix for your boobs” and uses algorithms to determine which bra is the best fit for every woman, Lam knows what she’s talking about when it comes to women’s bodies. Over the past two years, True&Co has been assembling “boob data” from more than 500,000 women, using a personalized quiz that goes beyond asking women about their cup sizes.

Ladies, take the quiz. You will never think so much about your boobs in your life.

Another reason why I’ve never been so happy to have a penis. As much as I like boobs, the hassle women have to go throw to protect them, cover them and show them off is amazing.

Sin City 2 Poster Shot Down for "Excessive" Nudity



How can a poster for a movie called Sin City offer up a poster that’s too risqué? The word “Sin” is in the title! You better bring some edgy material, or fans won’t care. And yet, the MPAA rejected the above one-sheet showing Eva Green and her chest “for nudity.” Imagine that.

The NY Post picked up on the story, reporting that the “curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown” was more than enough to ensure that this Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster doesn’t make it to your local multiplex.

How utterly idiotic is this? The MPAA had no problem with the gun but they got the knickers in a twist over “the curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola”. I’m sorry but I’m a much bigger fan of boobs than guns.

It’s not just ridiculously prudish it’s insanely hypocritical. Read the story and look at the poster for the movie, Saw II. So “boobs = bad” but “severed fingers = good”? WTF?

A Doctor Explains Why Getting Kicked in the Balls Hurts So Damn Much

Is getting kicked in the balls that much worse than other pain (as some men have claimed)? Nope, not really. (Sorry, dudes).

While the testicles are a particularly fragile body part, all pain is relative. Ball pain, while strong, doesn’t break any bones and is very short term. The pains from childbirth, even a broken nose, probably outweigh testicular injuries, Dr. Mirza says.

I heard a great comment from a comedian. He said, “I can prove getting kicked in the balls hurts more than childbirth. Most women would have another child, even when they know what the pain will be like. Ask any man if he’d liked to be kicked in the balls again….”