4,100 Lumens of pure Awesome!

Wired says, “It’s great to have a flashlight on your desk in case the power goes out. But if the power goes out and society collapses, you’ll want the Wicked Lasers Torch. Most flashlights output less than 100 lumens. This $180 personal high beam spits out an estimated 4,100 lumens. The 100-watt halogen bulb gets hot enough to start a fire or cook an egg.”

That’s one hell of a flashlight.

Wicked Lasers Torch

My New Blender

A bunch of folks asked what new blender I got. I don’t know anything about blenders but this one sounded good:

Hamilton Beach 50242N WaveMaker 10-Speed Blender, Black

(Amazon link: I get a kickback if you buy from that link)

Justin Horn sent me this via Twitter:

LOL The “Ninja® Kitchen System 1100”? Sounds serious!

I made this – Bacon Egg Cups

As I look around for healthier foods and ways to eat, I came across the recipe for Bacon Egg Cups from the wonderfully named web site, “Fat Girl trapped in a Skinny Girl’s Body”. I am not a cook so I like stuff that looks simple and easy to make. I made an attempt this AM to make this for myself and my roommate.

First thing I learned – when the bacon is cooking in the pan and a piece of it flops over, DO NOT REACH IN TO FLIP IT OVER. Apparently, cooking bacon is hot. Who knew!?

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I had forgotten how wonderful the smells of breakfast are. Bacon, coffee, eggs….all bring back memories of being on my dad’s farm and my mom making breakfast for us every morning.

So they came out….just OK…as an aside, I hate food photographers. Their pics are never like what comes out of your pan. Here’s what I ended up with:

Not bad looking but not even close to the picture from the pros.

The flavor was kind of blah. I added a little hot sauce and Swiss Cheese to try and jazz it up a bit. The bacon didn’t cook up crisp either, even though I pre-cooked it a little. I’d recommend almost fully cooking it to make it firmer.

But it wasn’t a horrible first attempt. I’ll definitely give it another shot.


At any given moment, on any given morning, there are roughly 6,000 planes on their way to somewhere, from somewhere, over American airspace. Getting them safely down to the ground will depend upon the efforts of a small group of controllers who, nearly without fail, get the job done despite long hours, grim working conditions, and ancient technology.

An interesting, if superficial (and a little scary), look at air traffic controllers.


Should rich kids get college scholarships?

Among the graduating high school class of 2012 is one Justin Combs, who finished his senior year with an impressive 3.75 GPA and an equally impressive record on the football field.

UCLA rewarded Justin’s accomplishments with a full, $54,000 merit-based scholarship and a spot in the school’s storied football program. The twist: Justin is the son of hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, recently named the wealthiest man in hip-hop by Forbes.

HELL NO! Not if there is a poor kid who needs the scholarship as much if not more…

Should rich kids be ineligible for college scholarships?

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50 Things a Man does not have to Do before He Dies

How did there come to be a universal list of things a man is supposed to do before he dies? Must we all climb Kilimanjaro? Run with the bulls? Stare into the eyes of a snow leopard on Annapurna and then kill him with our bare hands? Here at GQ, we’re all in favor of following your bliss. We’re just here to cross a few things off your list.

For better or worse, I’ve done 13 of these things…

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