Can I borrow $9500 to rescue this motorcycle? I'm good for it….

For some unknown reason, I continue to torture myself by looking at motorcycles for sale (I lost mine in the divorce). There’s one for sale in Jacksonville, OR. It’s exactly the bike I had and exactly the bike I’d want to buy – a 2008 Yamaha FJR 1300…

Look at that listing – “2008 Yamaha FJR 1300. 2200 miles. Well taken care of.” OF COURSE IT IS – YOU NEVER RODE THE GODDAMNED THING!

2200 miles on a four year old motorcycle!? That’s an average of less than a mile a day…That’s obscene. Why did you bother buying it? Why has it taken you so long to sell it!?

I had my beloved FJR for a little over 18 months. I put almost 22,ooo miles on it in that time – about 40 miles per day, every day, winter included. The guy selling this bike doesn’t even deserve a machine like the FJR.

Yes – I AM bitter…

Yamaha FJR.

Zaprudering the WWDC Banner

See that graphic? It’s the banner hanging inside the Moscone West in preparation for next week’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco (sadly, I will be attending). If you look closely, you’ll see some pretty graphics.

If you are a slightly deranged nerd, you’ll start to spot specific apps. If you are an insane OCD geek, you’ll zapruder the shit out of it and write a blog post detailing your findings.

Decorating Moscone … and Crazy Predictions

4,100 Lumens of pure Awesome!

Wired says, “It’s great to have a flashlight on your desk in case the power goes out. But if the power goes out and society collapses, you’ll want the Wicked Lasers Torch. Most flashlights output less than 100 lumens. This $180 personal high beam spits out an estimated 4,100 lumens. The 100-watt halogen bulb gets hot enough to start a fire or cook an egg.”

That’s one hell of a flashlight.

Wicked Lasers Torch

My New Blender

A bunch of folks asked what new blender I got. I don’t know anything about blenders but this one sounded good:

Hamilton Beach 50242N WaveMaker 10-Speed Blender, Black

(Amazon link: I get a kickback if you buy from that link)

Justin Horn sent me this via Twitter:

LOL The “Ninja® Kitchen System 1100”? Sounds serious!