Just trying to find out simple information…

From a cell phone provider here in Canada – Rogers. Now, to be fair, I have no doubt this online chat session would not have gone much differently with Telus.

Chat Start Time: 10/27/2017 01:28:52 PM
Chat End Time: 10/27/2017 02:46:40 PM
Chat Transcript

01:29:21 PM [Mishita] Hi, I’m Mishita from Rogers in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. How can I help you today?

01:29:49 PM [Shawn King] Hello Mishita. I’m trying to figure out pricing on the Rogers website but it is a torturous and painful process. Trying to find out pricing for a Family Plan. I’m a Rogers customer, fiance and her son are not.
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Anyone else tired of The Mac Web writing shit like this?

In a story posted this morning, “Next iPad Air subtly redesigned if new images are to be believed”, iMore hedges its bets so much as to make the “news” utterly useless.

“…images up top purport to show…”

“If indeed this does belong…”

“…we could be looking at…”

“…we don’t know for sure whether this case is legit…”

“…take it with a healthy dose of skepticism.”

“Not a great deal is known…”

“…this could, maybe, possibly be the real deal…”

“Or it might not.”

That’s only three paragraphs. Now, keep in mind, this is not in the “Opinion” section of iMore or in “Rumors” or in “Shit we pulled out of our asses” section. This is listed in their “News” section.

Stop it, Mac News Web. Just stop. You make yourself, and by extension, the whole community look ridiculous with your endless “Zaprudering” of every minute piece of information – real, fake or imagined – you can dredge up. Stop wasting your and our time with stories like this and look for real, concrete information. Now that would be news…

"Apple & Beats use Siri and Pills" – or did they?

As is usually the case, MacMacs lost their mind when a video, purported to be “a bizarre new ad” by/for Apple and Beats, seems to be criticizing or, at the very least, poking fun at the companies involved and “Siri’s disembodied voice”. But is it any of those things?

Doing a little research (something seemingly foreign to much of the Mac Tech Media), you’ll notice the video doesn’t appear on Apple’s official Youtube video channel. Nor does it show up on Beats’ official Youtube video channel.

The video was first spotted on the Beats’ official Twitter account but the tweet has been deleted.
It seems 9to5Mac has put the video up on their own channel.

So rather than the media jumping to conclusions that this is an Apple or a Beats ad and slamming the companies for it (The Verge says, “Apple has frequently made a sport out of not inviting people to things — ask the press — but now there’s finally an ad about it.”), maybe it’s just an internal Beats video poking at their new overlords.

What do you think is more likely? Here’s a hint: It’s NOT an “Apple advertisement”.

This is How You Make Selfie Toast

This is How You Make Selfie Toast:

If you want selfie toast, it’ll cost you $75 for the first toaster. Toast with your face on it for everyone!

If you are this vain, please just kill yourself. If you ever served this to me, don’t worry, I’ll choke you out with my bare hands. Surely you can find other, better ways to piss away $75, couldn’t you?

Foxhole Photos a Hoax, Many Sites Duly Embarrassed

Can you spot where The Stupid starts?


Last week, we and many others ran the story of a rather astounding collection of photographs that were supposedly discovered in a foxhole where the infamous Battle of the Bulge took place.

Allegedly found by U.S. Navy Captain Mark Anderson and accompanying historian Jean Muller, the story goes that the duo found then scanned the images in an old camera, presenting them to the world seventy years after they were captured and left behind by a soldier who had been KIA. But that, it seems, is not the truth.

A few days after posting the article, our Editor-in-Chief began receiving emails from concerned readers notifying us that the story was fabricated and that they had seen these photos before. Unable to confirm anything at the time, we kept our eye on it, reaching out to a number of people in regards to the situation.


If they had simply waited to confirm the story before they originally posted it, maybe they wouldn’t be “crushed and embarrassed” that they were pulled into the hoax.

The idiocy of this story is their own line of “Unable to confirm anything at the time, we kept our eye on it…” But not until after they had already published it. They “kept their eye on it” only after their own readers told Petapixel about it. It’s not like Petapixel is a “breaking news” site or that this was news that absolutely had to be posted immediately and therefore may be cut (a little) slack on a “fluid” situation/story.

Their embarrassment is completely deserved and we should have zero sympathy for them. In their rush to post, they broke a Cardinal Rule of journalism: “Get it right first”.

Sin City 2 Poster Shot Down for "Excessive" Nudity



How can a poster for a movie called Sin City offer up a poster that’s too risqué? The word “Sin” is in the title! You better bring some edgy material, or fans won’t care. And yet, the MPAA rejected the above one-sheet showing Eva Green and her chest “for nudity.” Imagine that.

The NY Post picked up on the story, reporting that the “curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle visible through sheer gown” was more than enough to ensure that this Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster doesn’t make it to your local multiplex.

How utterly idiotic is this? The MPAA had no problem with the gun but they got the knickers in a twist over “the curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola”. I’m sorry but I’m a much bigger fan of boobs than guns.

It’s not just ridiculously prudish it’s insanely hypocritical. Read the story and look at the poster for the movie, Saw II. So “boobs = bad” but “severed fingers = good”? WTF?

Visa Paywave and Asshole Dad

This ad is on seemingly every commercial break during the NHL playoffs here in Canada and it really pisses me off. Can you spot why?

Twenty seconds in. Morgan Freeman’s voice over:

“You use Visa Paywave Gerald to get to what matters faster.”

OK. But then “dad’s” voice is heard:

“There when it really matters. That’s where I want to be.”


The video shows dad getting to the hockey game just in time to see his kid score a goal. Great! Glad he didn’t miss a big moment in his kid’s life. Except….

He missed everything that led up to the goal. The commercial seems to say “Gerald” does this all the time. Gerald is a jerk who only shows up just when it’s necessary.

So he’s missed everything else about his kid’s game/sport/life/etc. As someone who spent much of his childhood sporting life scanning the stands for parents who were never there, Gerald should be there for the whole game, not just the “convenient” parts.

What Running Out of Power in a Tesla Taught Me

What Running Out of Power in a Tesla Taught Me:

I’d been driving as I normally would, not realizing that higher speeds and the rising elevation would drain the battery faster — that “estimated” range really is just an estimate.

I don’t know what it taught you but it taught me you’re a moron.

What did you think the word “estimated” means?

Overall, it’s a good, well written piece but why would you rent an “exotic” car without at least doing some research on it and its characteristics? It’s not like he rented a Toyota to run around town in. He rented a $100,000 car!

Driving Doug’s Ferrari

Driving Doug’s Ferrari:

When Doug DeMuro bought a Ferrari 360 Modena, he decided to go ahead and let all his friends drive it, since he knew they would want to and they would feel awkward about asking. He got repaid with a nice video of their reactions.

That’s all fine and Doug may be a nice guy but I watched the video and the thing that jumped out at me is the fact that DOUG AND HIS FRENDS ARE ASSHOLES.

You know how I can tell? Watch the first two minutes of the video and look at the background whiz by as these asshats accelerate. They’re often doing this IN A RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBOURHOOD.

I love Ferraris. I love going fast. But if you put a high performance sports car into the hands of a newbie and then let that newbie accelerate widely through a residential neighbourhood, you and your friends are fucking jag offs.