In other words, you don't know shit…

From 9to5Mac:
Apple is working on a new in-house application for iOS called “Organize,” but we’re not sure if Organize will be announced with iOS 6 at WWDC, or if it is a future App Store app from Apple, a future iOS enhancement, or something scrapped all together.

In other words, you don’t have a goddamned clue but you needed to post it anyway…

WWDC 2012 Roundup

This is how bad rumors have gotten – companies are now sending out PR

From a company I’ve never heard of, ZooGue, comes this Press Release:

Leaked pictures showing part of the upcoming “iPad Nano” suggest Apple is rapidly approaching the big reveal. The “iPad Nano”, if it is to be called that, will provide Apple leverage in the 7″ tablet market that is currently dominated by both Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

ZooGue recently received word from a source close to Apple, who wishes to remain anonymous, that Apple is in fact working on a smaller tablet to compete with the Kindle Fire and other 7″ tablets.

When the hell did this start? You know rumors have gotten completely out of control when companies start sending out PR about their rumors…

Exclusive “iPad Nano” Images Surface

Your "Thanks, Captain Obvious" Headline of the Week

Darby Lines tweeted this:

Wondering what he was referring to, I click the link:

“Stuxnet admission likely to have foreign policy consequences”

Wait…what? Did anyone with a clue edit this article before it got posted?

The "Stunningly Stupid Nonsensical Headline of the Week" Award goes to…

… Business Insider’s Owen Thomas for “If Facebook Gets Any Cheaper Apple Needs To Buy It”. The “logic” behind it is spectacular in its simple-minded wrongheadedness. Harry Marks does a great job skewering it so I have nothing more to add except this cheap shot based on Thomas’ head shot:

“Nice “Something About Mary” look you’ve got going on there, Owen…”

If Facebook Gets Any Cheaper Apple Needs To Buy It