My Wedding Day!

Today, at 4:30pm PT in Gibsons, BC, Canada, this kind, sweet, gentle, loving, giving, smart, funny, beautiful, sexy, truly AMAZING woman will make me the happiest man in the world by joining me in marriage.

Those of you who know her know I couldn’t have imagined a better woman, person, wife, lover, partner, and partner in crime. Those of you who don’t, I hope one day you’ll get to meet her. She will make your life better simply by her presence. She brings joy and happiness wherever she goes and the world is a better place because she is in it. And my world is immeasurably better for having known her.

Thank you, Melissa for letting me into your life, for loving me for who I am, faults and all, and for letting me become part of your family. I am honoured to be your husband. I cherish you. I adore you. And I love you to the stars and back.

My 1st Birthday Cake!

Yesterday was Melissa’s son Rory’s 12 birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY RORY!). Melissa asked if we should buy him a cake or make one. I love cooking/baking so I said I’d make him one.

Now, I’ve never made a cake before, let alone a birthday cake. So I scoured my AnyList app and found a recipe I had saved. It’s for “Black Magic Chocolate Cake” and OMG….

As I said on Twitter, “I don’t know much about the relevant law but there quite possibly might be ILLEGAL amounts of chocolate on this birthday cake I made!!”

Now, to be fair, we haven’t yet tasted it but I’m told by a reliable source (Melissa – who was *constantly* licking the bowl) that the icing itself is “to die for…”

UPDATE: OMG OMG OMG I’ve eaten a LOT of chocolate cake in my life but I can now unequivocally say, I JUST MADE THE BEST TASTING CHOCOLATE CAKE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

RealTime Industries' Reflective Decals

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I ride a motorcycle – a 2014 Yamaha FJR 1300 ES to be specific.

Riding is the single most dangerous thing I do but it’s also the most fun I can have with my clothes on, so I do it as much as I can. But you have to “manage the risk”. One way of doing that is by being visible to those who drive cars, whether it be through bright colors, high visibility gear, more lights, etc.

I highly recommend these kinds of reflective decals you can easily put on your bike. Hell, even *I* can do it and I’m usually pretty incompetent when it comes to these kinds of things. Similar to the kinds of materials you see on a bicyclist’s clothing, these “stick” to your bike and become visible when car headlights hit them. They have the added bonus of looking really good, too!

I got my set from the nice people at RealTime Industries. They don’t have decals for every make and model but if they are available for your bike, I really encourage you to get a set for your ride.

Here are the before and after shots (click the image for a larger image). The light source is the camera flash:
DSC_9876DSC_9875 DSC_9880aDSC_9881a

As you can see, the difference is obvious. Every little bit helps and this is a great way to make yourself more visible to “cagers”.

30 Creative Ambient Ads

Bored Panda:

Ambient ads are one such specific form of advertisement, which seeks at once to become a part of its environment and to draw your attention to it.

Some of the ambient ads may shock you, entertain you or even make you laugh. What do you think about the ones we’ve collected here?

We are constantly bombarded by (usually awful) advertising so it’s great to see some creativity. But are these too intrusive to you?

Why I love the Nikon D3s

Just got a Nikon D3s (sadly, not to keep but a rental to shoot WWDC). I know there are now “better” cameras out there but the rental price was good (considering it’s about $5k+ worth of body and lens) and I’ve used this rig often enough to be comfortable with it. But I especially love it for the images I’m able to get.

This was shot from 60ft away…from inside a restaurant…at night. The basket was hanging from a lamppost.

Even more amazing, the D3s has a usable ISO of 12,800 – that’s insanely low light and makes shots in dark bars and clubs a snap:

The two handsome gentleman above, Mike and Darby respectively, were both shot at ISO 12,800 in a nightclub in San Francisco.


I made this – Bacon Egg Cups

As I look around for healthier foods and ways to eat, I came across the recipe for Bacon Egg Cups from the wonderfully named web site, “Fat Girl trapped in a Skinny Girl’s Body”. I am not a cook so I like stuff that looks simple and easy to make. I made an attempt this AM to make this for myself and my roommate.

First thing I learned – when the bacon is cooking in the pan and a piece of it flops over, DO NOT REACH IN TO FLIP IT OVER. Apparently, cooking bacon is hot. Who knew!?

Related: I am now typing with one less finger….

I had forgotten how wonderful the smells of breakfast are. Bacon, coffee, eggs….all bring back memories of being on my dad’s farm and my mom making breakfast for us every morning.

So they came out….just OK…as an aside, I hate food photographers. Their pics are never like what comes out of your pan. Here’s what I ended up with:

Not bad looking but not even close to the picture from the pros.

The flavor was kind of blah. I added a little hot sauce and Swiss Cheese to try and jazz it up a bit. The bacon didn’t cook up crisp either, even though I pre-cooked it a little. I’d recommend almost fully cooking it to make it firmer.

But it wasn’t a horrible first attempt. I’ll definitely give it another shot.

ASUS's Sexist Twitter Gaffe

So whoever does the Asus Twitter account had a major league brain fart very early this morning. They posted this picture from the Computex Show in Taiwan:

The problem isn’t the picture per se – it’s the numbnut commentary of it:

OK…while you are technically correct, you’re still a complete moron for saying so publicly as a representative of your company.

But even better is the usual handwringing by the usual suspects. Instead of blowing this off as the late night stupidity of one PR person who posted a colossally stupid tweet, The Usual Suspects are using this as yet another opportunity to rail against the inequality of the system. Guess what? WE KNOW.

ASUS’s Sexist Twitter Gaffe