“Weather Live” is a crappy weather app

As a motorcyclist, I’m always very concerned about the weather. How, where, when, and if I ride is weather dependent. What I wear is weather dependent. Having an accurate forecast is crucial to my enjoyment and safety when I ride. So I check out every weather app I can lay my hands on.

On Thursday, I installed an iOS app called Weather Live. I particularly liked this feature:

Weather widget for the Notification Center. Check current temperature, get an accurate forecast for the coming hours.

This time of year in this part of the world, the weather can change quickly and drastically. I signed up for their free trial. Yesterday, I got this notification:

Wait…what? “heavy snow”? What the fuck? It’s *mid-April*. There’s *zero* chance of “heavy snow” in this part of the world in April. Even by their own forecast (low of 5 Celsius (41F) and a high of 8C (46F)), there’s zero chance of snow.

Today, I got this one:

It’s cloudy and raining here. I’ve deleted this POS app and recommend no one else waste $3 on it.


I watched “Manhunter” last night. If you don’t know the movie, it was the first film to feature serial killer Hannibal Lecter (of “Silence of the Lambs” fame).

It is by no means, in my opinion, as good as SotL. It’s very dated and doesn’t hold up well style wise. It is fun to see all the character actors in the cast though and I didn’t even recognize Joan Allen in the film.

As a psychological thriller, it’s very slow paced and William Petersen’s moody stares get trying quickly. The best scenes are actually between Allen and Tom Noonan who plays the bad guy. There’s a point where you think he might be redeemable if only…

The best part was rediscovering the music of a band I loved in the 80s – Shriekback. I wore out their “Oil and Gold” album.

Overall, it would make a good doubleheader flick with the much lauded SotL.

"Black Fish" & "The Armstrong Lie"

I watched both of these documentaries last night.

“Black Fish” was by far the more disturbing of the two.

I recognize it was a slanted viewpoint but even if you ignore everything the participants say, watching such magnificent animals being trapped in their equivalent of your bathtub is heartbreaking.

Proponents of orcas in captivity say their programs are important for conservation and study. I could agree with that to a small extent. But there’s no need for the performances. And if you need study them in captivity, large open water enclosures would be more humane.

I’m in favour of this proposed law that would ban keeping killer whales in captivity for purposes of human entertainment.

“The Armstrong Lie” just made me sad. I was one of those who have zero interest in long distance cycling (I love velodrome cycling) but watch The Tour de France every year, if only for the amazing cinematography (the best in all of televised sports).

I didn’t exactly cheer on Armstrong but I did think he was being unfairly persecuted.

If you ever need to find a visual definition of “moral relativism”, watch this movie. It’s amazing to watch so many people say, “Well, everyone else is doing this bad thing so I should do this bad thing”.

We forget that all of Armstrong’s contemporaries have also been either accused or convicted of the same crimes he was at the same time. Armstrong just had better doctors and held on to the lie longer.

Regardless of the rules Armstrong broke, I still have some small admiration for him if only because not only did he beat cancer (like so many), but watching him race you had the sense that he was very much like other athletes at the top of their game – he would push himself beyond what anyone else would. He wanted to not only beat other riders, he wanted to crush them. He needed to dominant.

And that was his downfall.

Both are very good if very sad movies. I don’t recommend watching them back to back like I did. Your faith in humanity won’t exactly be uplifted.

The Best Cheap Printer – the Samsung Xpress M2825DW

The Wirecutter:

Color is swell, but for most documents, black and white look just fine. Monochrome laser printers are faster, render sharper text, and can even last longer than inkjet printers (no ink purges!). So for students, folks in a home office, and even some small business owners, the Samsung Xpress M2825DW is the cheapest, most efficient way to make hard copies of term papers, tax forms, and anything else that looks great in grayscale.

I’m a big fan of The Wirecutter and their reviews. I’ve bought several items based solely on their recommendations.