Visa Paywave and Asshole Dad

This ad is on seemingly every commercial break during the NHL playoffs here in Canada and it really pisses me off. Can you spot why?

Twenty seconds in. Morgan Freeman’s voice over:

“You use Visa Paywave Gerald to get to what matters faster.”

OK. But then “dad’s” voice is heard:

“There when it really matters. That’s where I want to be.”


The video shows dad getting to the hockey game just in time to see his kid score a goal. Great! Glad he didn’t miss a big moment in his kid’s life. Except….

He missed everything that led up to the goal. The commercial seems to say “Gerald” does this all the time. Gerald is a jerk who only shows up just when it’s necessary.

So he’s missed everything else about his kid’s game/sport/life/etc. As someone who spent much of his childhood sporting life scanning the stands for parents who were never there, Gerald should be there for the whole game, not just the “convenient” parts.

The Archer Live Tour is coming!

Boing Boing:

FX has announced that the animated characters of Archer are turning into real people and invading four cities for live readings with the cast and creator of the show! Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Jessica Walter, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates will all perform some of the more memorable scenes from the show.

OMG! My love of all things Archer knows no bounds so when I saw this pop up in my RSS feed, I fervently hoped and prayed (even while knowing it would never happen) that my little backwater of Portland, Oregon would be one of the locations.

Of course it isn’t because God hates me.

But, if you live in LA, Philadelphia, New York or San Francisco (and I’d seriously consider driving to San Francisco to see this – if I actually had a car…), then get yourself down there and watch the awesomeness in person.

For those of us not lucky enough to be able to attend, I can only console you with this “Best of Archer” YouTube compilation:

"Justified" and confused…

One of my all time favorite TV shows is Justified – great cast, great writing, great stories:

The theme song is a lot of fun too. Kind of a mix of Bluegrass and Rap – yeah, it’s a little mindblowing. 🙂

So I went looking for it on Amazon and found this version that is called “Long Hard Times To Come (Theme from the F/X TV Series “Justified”)” but if you know the song or the show, you’ll recognize the lyrics but note it’s just a “cover” of the show’s theme song.

The actual theme, as done by Gangstagrass is also called “Long Hard Times To Come (Theme from “Justified”)” but is only available from the iTunes store. Weird. But for $129, it’s worth the hassle.

'Firefly': First look at Science Channel's reunion special

The Firefly 10th anniversary special is inching closer to air and has the exclusive first clip from the Science Channel program’s roundtable discussion.

The Science Channel’s Browncoats Unite special airs Nov. 11 at 10 p.m. The one-hour program taped this summer in a hotel in San Diego when the cast was on hand for SDCC.

Well, I know where I’ll be on November 11th at 10pm…

‘Made in Jersey’ is First Casualty of TV Season

The New York Observer reports that CBS is canceling this show after only two episodes. I find this very surprising. Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t a very good show. But it wasn’t so bad, IMO that it couldn’t survive in the TV dead zone that is Friday nights.

The funniest part is one of the comments on the above site:

This absurd show was yet another part of the media’s campaign to smear Italian-Americans.

Dude…you give the show *way* too much credit. It certainly wasn’t good enough to smear anyone…